The Results Are In: Your Top Fast Foods

Fast food

Mass-produced with love designed for quick, efficient preparation, and distribution. Prominent brands as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell top the sales charts, but who tops your taste buds?

Meet Our Owners – Sam

Welcome to the Owners’ Corner, where we take a look week by week at all the owners in the league. This week we turn our focus Sam. First Impressions:  The first time I met Sam, I recognized something familiar. High strung, easily agitated, a bit tyrannical, and very Jewish – I couldn’t quite put my […]

Sweed Is Sweet Starts Fresh

Sweed is Sweet Starts Fresh June 1, 2023 Football A new year and a new design for the Sweed is Sweet. Check back for weekly updates in our league journal.  What is Sweed is Sweet? This league has been formed by a group of truly distinctive and remarkable individuals, who bring their own set of […]